Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug
by Jonathan Stutzman
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Adorable! Tiny is the kindest T. Rex with the shortest arms.  How is he going to hug his friend Pointy with his short arms?  Pointy is sad and Tiny really wants to cheer him up with a hug!  Maybe dad knows what to do, maybe mom knows what to do, maybe his brother and sister know?  Hmm, maybe Tiny knows... he will do his best, and cheer up his friend.  A cute story to share, reminding us that it feels good to help others.  
The Peculiar Pig 
by Joy Steuerwald

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Oh no!  There is a different kind of piglet in the pigpen! Mama pig loves all her piglets, but will the other piglets feel the same?  She doesn't dig with her snout, she digs with her paws, that's peculiar! She can't snort like a piglet, that's peculiar!  What can our peculiar piglet do to be accepted?  It is okay to be different and sometimes it is very helpful too.  Read The Peculiar Pig and find out what happens to this very special "piglet." 

Monday, May 6, 2019

Nobody Hugs a Cactus
by Carter Goodrich
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Love, love, love this book!  Nobody Hugs a Cactus, for good reason...ouch! Hank the cactus loves his windowsill, the peace and quiet and being alone.  Every once in a while someone rolls past his window disturbing his peace.  Hank does not want to be bothered!  He's a very "prickly fellow", yelling at everyone who crosses his path.  Until, cowboy suggests Hank might need a hug!  He doesn't agree at first, but starts to realize a hug might help.  When Hank offers hugs and is refused, he starts to feel lonely.  Rosie the tumbleweed does something nice for Hank and he wants to repay her kindness, so he grows a flower for her.  When Rosie tries to take the flower, her and Hank become stuck in a hug!  They don't mind "After all, it's better to be stuck in a hug than stuck all alone."  Hugs are helpful.  Give someone a hug and brighten up their day!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Caldecott 2019
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Here they are!! Our 2019 Winners.
WINNER!   Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackall
A Beautiful book, the detail is truly extraordinary.  The story is a view into the unique life of a lighthouse keeper and his wife.
HONOR!  The Rough Patch by Brian Lies
Sad and sweet and beautifully illustrated.  Evan has a best friend, his beloved dog.  The two do everything together. Working in the garden is a favorite past time.  Until the unthinkable happens!  Evan's dog passes away.  Losing someone you love is devastating and life changing.  Join Evan on this very really journey of anger and sadness, through the grief and back out the other side. Where life can be enjoyed again.  
HONOR!  Thank You, Omu! by Oge Mora
Omu (pronounced AH-moo) the Igbo term for "queen"  Omu is a generous "grandma" with a delish pot of red stew cooking on the stove.  The smell is travelling through the town and attracting many visitors, who would love a taste of stew.  Omu, shares with all, but when it's time for her to have her share, the pot is empty.  Omu is so sad she is not able to enjoy her stew. Then there is a knock at the door.  It's all the friends she shared with throughout the day, they have brought a spectacular feast.  A kind story to remind us it's important to give back to those who give to us. 
HONOR!  Alma and How She Got Her Name  by Juana Martinez-Neal
I love this book!  It is such a beautiful story with the most warm and inviting illustrations.  What's in a name, in this case a lot!  Alma has quite a long name, she thinks its too long.  One day, her Daddy explains how special it truly is.  Each part of her name represents a special person from her family tree.  But who is Alma?  Daddy says, Alma was picked just for you, you make your own story! By the end of the story, you can feel how proud she is...   "I am Alma, and I have a story to tell" 

Friday, January 18, 2019

Sleepy, the Goodnight Buddy
by Drew Daywalt
illustrated by Scott Campbell
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Roderick does not like going to bed, he tries everything to avoid it. 
But, when Roderick gets a sleepy buddy from Mom and Dad he gets a taste of his own medicine.  Sleepy is supposed to help Roderick fall asleep.  It turns out Sleepy is alive and has a lot to say!  Sleepy keeps Roderick awake with his many demands.  As the story moves along, Roderick becomes very frustrated and exhausted!  Maybe Sleepy is the goodnight buddy after all. 
Another fun picture book by a great storyteller! The expressive illustration add humor and fun.   I kind of think this book was written about my daughter!  Boy can I relate to this!  I'm sure many parents and children will feel the same.  The classic tale of a child trying to avoid bedtime.  Well here's a funny story about what might happen if the tables are turned.  I can't wait to read this to my daughter, I could use a Sleepy buddy at my house.

Do You Believe in Unicorns?
by Bethanie Deeney Murguia

  Is it a unicorn?  Is it a horse?  Well, do you believe?  What will you see as you go along on a little adventure with a horse in a hat.  Wait, it's not a horse, it's a unicorn having a bad hair day!  Or is it?  Clever illustrations leave it up to the reader to decide.   I believed all along, of course it's a unicorn!
This book is a must have for all the (big) little people out there who believe in the magic of unicorns.  Two thumbs up!  Read it!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Potato Pants
Laurie Keller
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Why do potatoes need pants?  Just because they like them!  This book is a hoot.  I love a picture book with lots of laughs!  This book delivers with fantastic illustrations and a lot to look at, and laugh at. 
It's the one day potato pants sale at  Lance Vance's Fancy Pants Store.  Every potato in town will be there and better hurry, because, once they're gone they're gone!  Potato is on his way,  he can see his favorite pair right in the window.  But he also sees Eggplant...wait, why is Eggplant at the potato pants sale?  That doesn't matter, Potato met Eggplant yesterday and thinks he's a meanie.  Eggplant pushed him into the trash!  Potato does not want to meet Eggplant again, so he avoids the pant sale.  Poor potato, if only he could face his fear.  Guess what? He does! And it all turns out great!  LOL... Read Potato pants and find out how this spud-tacular picture book ends!